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                                                  Current Membership

There are currently 76 members of the L. D. Britt Surgical Society disseminated throughout the United States.

Charter Membership

A Charter Member shall be an original member who founded this Society, who holds the degree of Doctor of Medicine, or equivalent medical degree from a reputable medical school, is practicing, and who is of good moral character. He or she shall support the Constitution and Laws of the United States and abide by the Principles of Medical Ethics of the American College of Surgeons.

Active Membership

A candidate for active membership shall be afforded all Chief Residents upon successful completion of a general surgery residency at Eastern Virginia Medical School. The new member will then be included in the roster of the Society by the secretary. The new member is entitled to vote at regular meetings and hold office. All membership nominations and endorsements shall be retained by the secretary in the permanent files of the Society.

Honorary Membership

Honorary members may, for reason of outstanding contributions to the profession in general and to this Society in particular, be elected for life at any regular meeting of this Society by a three-fourths vote of Active Members present. The nomination can be made at the present meeting and voted upon at same meeting. Honorary members shall retain all active membership privileges, but shall not be subject to the payment of dues.

Associate Membership

To be eligible as an Associate Member one must be an intern or resident in training at Eastern Virginia Medical School; be a member of some branch of the medical service of the United States; be retired from active practice; be a provider of health care services engaged in a professional relationship with the EVMS Department of Surgery that supports the goals of the department such as any EVMS surgical faculty.

Membership Dues

The fiscal year is from July 1 - June 30th. Active members’ dues shall be established by this Society and shall be payable on Sept.1 of each year. It is expected all member(s) pay annual dues by Jan. 1. Members more than two years in arrears shall be dropped from the roll of members and shall be reinstated only upon payment in full of his/her total indebtedness to the Society. Members accepted after Jan. 1 shall pay one-half the annual dues for the remainder of the year.






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