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Past L.D. Britt Surgical Society Resident Award Recipients

Past Recipients

2020- Dr. Jacob Tatum                     


2019- Dr. Michael McCormick         


2018- Dr. Jennifer Catlin 

2017- Dr. Lexie Soult

2016- Dr. Charleston Chua


2015- Dr. Robert Lyons


2014- Dr. Michael Martyak


2013- ​ Dr.  J. Byers Bowen


2012-  Dr. Jessica Burgess 

2011-  Dr. Kara Friend 

2010-  Dr. Nathan Lee 

2009-  Dr. Leah Sieren 

​2008-  Dr. Greg Rushing 

2007-  Dr. Amy Page 


It's an honor for the surgical residents at Eastern Virginia Medical School to learn from one of the greatest surgical educators of our time and to be rewarded for embracing and excelling at those attributes endowed by Dr. L.D. Britt.

Publicly, Dr. Britt has won numerous teaching awards including the Sir William Osler Award for Outstanding Teacher as well as the Robert J. Glaser Distinguished Educator Award and many others. On a more personal level, it is the students, residents and colleagues with whom Dr Britt interacts every day who are the real beneficiaries of Dr. Britt’s many gifts.

This award was created to honor the third year general surgery resident at Eastern Virginia Medical School who exemplifies those attributes demonstrated by Dr. Britt. Of all his accolades, teaching and mentoring are two of which he is most proud.

They create a ripple effect that extends to so many others He inspires us to share ourselves with others through education and mentoring and those residents who receive this award have been identified by their colleagues as particularly exemplary.

Therèse M. Duane, MD, FACS

President of the L.D. Britt Surgical Society, 2005-2007

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