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The first annual L.D. Britt Society Dinner was held on Tuesday October 24, 2000 at the 86th annual Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons in Chicago. The dinner was hosted by Dr. Bob Cortina and attended by Dr. Michael Bono, Dr. Therese Duane, Dr. Eric Dutson, Dr. Ali Farpour, Dr. Dan Katz, Dr. Jeff Riblet and Dr. David Zolfaghari at Printers Row Restaurant. Dr. Britt was also present and has attended every dinner of the Society.

The Dinner in 2001 was held at Antoine’s in New Orleans on Tuesday, Oct. 9 again hosted by Dr. Bob Cortina. The dinner was poorly attended due to the 9/11 attacks on the United States.

The third annual dinner was held at Jardeniere Wine Room on Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2002 at the 88th annual Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons in San Francisco again hosted by Dr. Cortina

The Society formalized operations on Oct.21, 2003 at the fourth annual dinner during the 89th annual Clinical Congress at Spiaggia Private Dining, Chicago. By laws drafted by Dr. Cortina were approved and the following officers were elected: President, Dr. Robert Cortina; Vice President, Dr. Therese Duane; Treasurer, Dr. David Zolfaghari and Secretary, Dr. Ali Farpour.

The fifth annual dinner was held on Oct. 12, 2004 during the 90th Clinical Congress in the private dinning area of Bayona Restaurant in New Orleans. Dr. Paul Evans, Dr. Dave Zolfaghari, Dr. Barry Walters, Dr. Therese Duane, Dr. Sharon Gregorzyk and Dr. Bob Cortina amongst others were in attendance.

From 2005 forward, the details of the L.D. Britt Society annual meeting can be found in the minutes of the annual meeting section.

The following are highlights, accomplishments and milestones of the Society:

In 2005 Dr. Therese Duane became president of the Society.

In 2007 the L.D. Britt Outstanding Third Year Resident award established was established.

Dr. Robert Maxwell became president in 2008 and gave the first L.D. Britt Guest Professor Lectureship at Eastern Virginia Medical School that year.

In 2009 The L.D. Britt interactive web site was created.

In 2019 Dr. Mayur Narayan became president of the Society. 

The History

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